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AutoFEM Analysis is a system of finite-element analysis for users of AutoCAD
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22 May 2012

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Engineers working in the mechanical and structural designing field often find themselves facing a few problems. But with AutoFEM Analysis 1.7, this load becomes less of a headache to carry around which thus eases pressure off. It’s understood that in order to use the software to its best capability, the user needs to be an expert in the finite element method. It provides the user the ability to utilize various and varied asked-for-modules that help creating a bridge in overcoming these problems and so makes life that much easier. Its integration with AutoCAD is one major boost that triples the amount of success as the workload automatically becomes easier to handle.

Many modules are provided by AutoFEM Analysis 1.7 to make the job of an engineer a walk in the park. The static analysis module allows the user to analyze structural stress and pain. On the other hand the fatigue analysis module lets the user think about the influence of cyclic loading action upon the strength and durability/sturdiness of the mechanical structure. Its frequency analysis module helps revealing and consequently studying the natural frequencies of structures and the modes of oscillations. While the buckling analysis module lets the users understand critical loads of a mechanical system when it can be destroyed. The Oscillation analysis module searches for an amplitude frequency response of the structure. Finally the thermal analysis module allows the user to overcome the many tasks based on the heat structure. Fine element meshing is done automatically since it uses AutoCAD integration. The interface too has a friendly feel and look to it which makes it effortless to understand and employ using the software.

AutoFEM Analysis 1.7 is like the Holy Grail for mechanical engineers as it shows them a way out of most of the problems and difficulties they face. A well rounded score of 3.5 out of 5 is given to the software.

Publisher's description

AutoFEM Analysis is the finite element analysis software.
The main feature of the system is its deep integration with AutoCAD
Using AutoFEM Analysis, an AutoCAD user gets a possibility to solve the problem of finite-element modeling of various physical phenomena:
Static analysis (analysis of structural stress and strain) - the AutoFEM Static Analysis module;
Stress analysis for structures under cyclic loading action - the AutoFEM Fatigue Analysis module;
Calculation of natural frequencies (resonances) of structures - the AutoFEM Frequency Analysis module;
Calculation of critical load (the system's stability) - the AutoFEM Buckling Analysis module;
Calculations of temperature (or distribution of temperature domains) - the AutoFEM Thermal Analysis module .
The general algorithm of working with AutoFEM Analysis is as follows:
First, the user should create a three-dimensional (3D) model of the product in the AutoCAD 3D environment.
Then, without leaving AutoCAD, the user should create the problem of finite element analysis, referred to as the Study.
The model is loaded into an AutoFEM Analysis Preprocessor integrated into AutoCAD.
Using the Preprocessor, the user specifies external and internal parameters of simulated physical phenomena (finite element mesh, boundary conditions, materials, etc.) and transmits the Study to an AutoFEM Analysis processor.
The AutoFEM Analysis processor creates and solves systems of algebraic equations in accordance with the finite element method. With the help of an AutoFEM Analysis post-processor, the user performs analysis of results and develops the accompanying documents, i.e. reports, video, avi, etc.
Users of AutoCAD become able to perform the finite element analysis in the usual and familiar software environment.
AutoFEM Analysis
AutoFEM Analysis
Version 1.7
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